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get a 360 degree view of Your business.

A 360-degree view is a collection of all of your partners be it customer's, supplier or employees data in one place. Usually stored in a CRM and ERP system, you can track all the touchpoints in a single, digital user interface. From the basic contact information about all your business stakeholders, to all their past and present activity data and all interactions with your business. Take control. Get Client360 Cloud ERP. secure firewalls 
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What exactly is a “360-degree view"?

Client360 Cloud ERP gives you a 360-degree view of your client and business. The term a “360-degree view” has been used in the industry for several years.  But what exactly does it mean, and what information would you actually display on the desktop? We asked our panel of experts for their opinion.

And this is what the experts had to say;

Richness of Information: Whenever a customer interacts with an organization, it is vital that the richness of information available on that customer informs and guides the processes. This includes everything from avoiding repetition or rekeying of information, to viewing customer history, establishing context and initiating desired actions.

The view context: A true 360-degree view needs to include views of the past, present, and future. The past means providing a meaningful and easily digested view of the customer and business history. The present requires presenting key customer and business information about who they are and how they relate to your organization. The future relates to actions that can be initiated to guide the future of the relationship or transaction. 

Putting together relevant info: Delivering on the 360-degree view is not simply just about having a unified database of all activity. Its primarily being able to pull together the pieces of information that are relevant for a specific customer and specific interaction into an intuitive workspace for the business owner.

The solution: Client360 Cloud ERP helps you do just that. Provides you the vital information about your customer and business when you need, where you need and in the way you need. Client360 Cloud ERP collates all the relevant information about your customer and presents you the customer view in a comprehensive and cohesive manner. Be it sales, purchase, marketing, inventory or human resource.

Get a 360 degree view of your business. All the time.

Client360 Cloud ERP helps you view and control all aspects of your business.