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Knowledge Module

Client360 Cloud ERP Knowledge module allow you to manage and classify your knowledgebase on a structural and hierarchical system for easy filing and retrieval. Document Management Systems process and maintain electronic documents, whether they have been scanned or generated otherwise. This is an essential step towards effective cooperation within a business.    
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Collate and Consolidate your information with our Knowledge Module.

Create Blogs, Operating Manuals and Help files. All from within the system.

Client360  CMS - a big picture

Client360 Knowledge Module

Knowledge Module is an information system supporting a network of Knowledge Workers in creating, constructing, identifying, collecting, selecting, organizing, structuring, distributing, refining, browsing and applying knowledge, with the purpose of supporting dynamics of organizational learning and organizational effectiveness. Through Knowledge Module the system promote business processes and furthermore introduce function for knowledge management by means of which the business system builds its network – knowledge treasury among and in people, organization, programs and intelligent bases and networks. Knowledge Module helps you create information blogs, help files and other information source over a period of time. 

Why invest in Knowledge Module?

  • 85% of corporate knowledge is unstructured.(Gartner, 2006).
  • Individual knowledge is available to everyone (the costs of "reinventing the wheels" are eliminated).
  • Individuals learn, organization learns. 
  • Product quality is increased (knowledge of best and worst practices is included into the product)
  • Knowledge becomes a measurable capital being managed (intellectual capital).

Client360 Modules Features

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Tightly Integrated

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Analytical reporting at its best with lots of flexibility. 

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