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On-line Chat Module

On-line Chat Module provides a one-to-one communication between all logged users giving them an opportunity to communicate efficiently within the ecosystem. The module provides both internal chat between users and external chat between customers and users using two different and distinct chat channels.
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Be constantly in touch with Client360 On-Line Chat Module.

Communicate with instant chat messages. All from within the system.

Client360  CMS - a big picture

Client360 On-Line Chat Module

Easy way to communicate with your employees, colleagues and other internal users of your system.  Client360 Cloud ERP live messaging software allows users to chat with each other in real time. Find other users easily and chat directly on your sites. It supports several chats in parallel. No need for external programs for live chats or any other apps - everything can be found in this web based real time chat. 

Check Availability: You can check the availability of other users in a simple view with green/red indicative button and start a conversation with any of the users that are currently online. Client360 Cloud ERP real time messaging service is a great tool for business, no matter the size of your company.

Communicate Instantly: Avoid long and complicated email discussions and problematic phone calls - with this amazing feature you can quickly talk to anyone you need and solve the problems in a simple, easy and efficient way. 

Immediate Attention: When you write a message to other users, it will automatically pop up in their screen and they will be able to immediately reply to you. 

Promote best practices: Discussion groups at your fingertips: Cut back on meetings and email chains by working together in groups of interests. 

Client360 Modules Features

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Tightly Integrated

Modules are independently and interdependently integrated.

Easily Upgradable.

Add, upgrade or modify any modules.

Versatile Operation

Modulewise operation and functionality. 

Great Functionality

All areas of your business operation comprehensively covered.

Easily Configurable

Each functionality easily configurable to suit your needs. 

Analytical Reporting

Analytical reporting at its best with lots of flexibility. 

Many companies run Client360 to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your business bigger, better and more efficient.