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best for sme / msme.

Client360 Cloud ERP is most suited for SME and MSME segment. It is very economical, simple to use and easy to deploy. It is specially geared up to handle all activities of a small business. That includes trading, manufacturing and supply chain distribution. 
  • Highly Cost Effective
  • Very Quick Deployment
  • Minimal Training Required
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Access From Anywhere
  • Suitable For All Businesses
  • Implenet Business Practises
  • 24x7 Availability
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Contact Us to know more about managing business from your home !

Monitor and manage every aspect of your business from the comfort of your living room.

Change the way you conduct your business ! Become Efficient. Save Money. Save Time. 
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A business solution for small businesses.

Historically, companies were required to buy, build, and maintain their IT infrastructures despite exponential costs. Client360 Cloud ERP gives companies an alternative. Now, they can subscribe to an on demand services built on shared infrastructure via the internet. Today’s small business organizations can’t afford lengthy and complex projects. 

Benefits of Client360 Cloud ERP for SME Segment - 

High Adoption: Because most people are familiar with using the Internet to find what they need, online apps tend to have high adoption rates, with a lower learning curve.

True Mobile Collaboration:  A online application makes it possible to gain access to customer data and documents from anywhere that has an Internet connection.  Remote and mobile workers can collaborate effectively with colleagues and share information using any mobile device.  

Lower Initial Costs: Having the ISP provider manage the IT infrastructure means lower IT costs for hardware, software, and the people needed to manage it all. No license fees mean lower initial costs. 

High Security: Client360 Cloud ERP houses our applications in world-class SAS 70 Type III compliant data centers, with state-of-the-art power, ventilation and security features.  

Comprehensive Support:  Unlike a traditional software license, the online model includes comprehensive support in the cost itself. This also includes product maintenance and upgrades.

Easy Deployment:    An on-premise implementation can be a costly and time-consuming proposition. In addition to the investment in technology infrastructure to run the application, you must devote resources to installing and customizing the application.

online model makes Client360 Cloud ERP easy to pay.

Our use and pay revenue model helps you control your spends and budgets.