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Helpdesk Module

This Helpdesk Module allows the efficient follow-up of short-term and long-term customer support project planning. Its core functions include the customer support integration via Chat, E-Mail, etc, the scheduling of helpdesk tasks, synchronization of E-mails, on-demand reports, analyses and statistics as well as a support and helpdesk function.
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Provide world class Customer Support with our Helpdesk.

Handle Claims, provide Help, resolve Issues, assign Task and manage Projects. All from within the system.

Client360 Helpdesk Module

Client360 Cloud ERP collaborative and real-time HelpDesk Module helps you get the work done. Keep track of everything, from the big picture to the smallest details, from the customer contract to the final billing.

Work on Projects at your pace:

Client360 Cloud ERP collaborative and realtime project management helps your team get work done. Keep track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details, from the customer contract to the billing. Organize projects around your own processes. Every project may have it's own stages allowing teams to optimize their job.

Monitor & Manage Task

Create task, monitor progress and delegate task to your team members. Assign schedules and planned hours and take feedback through the work summary. View all task and their status using the Kanban view for easy monitoring. Get organized as fast as you can think. This easy-to-use interface takes no time to learn and every action you do is instantaneous. Incoming emails are integrated automatically to create new tasks and issues on the fly, allowing you to collaborate easily with customers.

Collaborative Writing:

The power of Online Collaborative Pad inside your tasks. Collaboratively edit the same project proposals, specifications or meeting minutes right inside the application. The incorporated Collaborative Pad feature allows several people to work on the same tasks, at the same time. It’s a very efficient tool for summing up the meetings, drafting meeting minutes or complex project requirements. Every user has their own color and you can replay the whole creation of the content.

Work Together:

Chat in real time, share documents, integrate your emails. Use the open chatter to communicate with your team or with your customers and share documents and comments on tasks and issues. Integrate all your discussions fast with the email integration. Talk to other users or customers with the live chat feature, which can help you to find quick solutions for any issue with your project.

Issue or Trouble Ticket Management:

Single out the issues that arise in a project in order to have a better focus on resolving them. Integrate customer interaction on every issue and get accurate reports on your team's performance.

Client360 Modules Features

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Tightly Integrated

Modules are independently and interdependently integrated.

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Add, upgrade or modify any modules.

Versatile Operation

Modulewise operation and functionality. 

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All areas of your business operation comprehensively covered.

Easily Configurable

Each functionality easily configurable to suit your needs. 

Analytical Reporting

Analytical reporting at its best with lots of flexibility. 

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