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No Hardware or software investment.

Client360 Cloud ERP is a zero based solution. With zero investment in hardware and software you can automate your entire business operation. All this at a fraction of a cost. Take control. Get Client360 Cloud ERP
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Monitor and manage every aspect of your business from the comfort of your living room.

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Zero Trouble. Infinite Possibilities.

Zero Based Solutions such as Client360 Cloud ERP are cloud-based data services that require zero licenses, zero term contracts, zero upfront hardware investments and zero defect management. 

This approach is in sharp contrast to the data solutions currently available in the marketplace today that require organizations to make sizeable investments in time, software, hardware infrastructure and resources to implement CRM/ERP solutions. Client360 Cloud ERP is offering this innovative approach to support companies in achieving their missions . 

The benefits of Zero Based Solutions are many and varied.

Zero Hardware Investment: Client360 Cloud ERP does not require any new hardware capital investment on your part. Everything is looked after by the cloud infrastructure. Hence the hardware investment is zero.
Zero Software Investment: Client360 Cloud ERP incorporates all the software and firmware needed to run your solution smoothly and efficiently. You just need a standard browser to access the solution and no other software whatsoever is required. Hence zero software investment. 
Zero Defect Management: Client360 Cloud ERP relieves you of any burden to maintaing or repair anything. Since the hardware and software resides on the cloud all the upkeep is looked after by us. Hence zero maintenance. 

Zero Skilled Workforce Requirement:  Client360 Cloud ERP is fully managed solution. All components of the solution are managed by trained Client360 expert personnel. No specialised skilled personnel are required at your end to manage Client360 Cloud ERP. 

Zero Turnaround Time: Client360 Cloud ERP is fully stable and tested solution. All modules and components of the solution is fully tested and ready to use. Hence the turn around time to set up and implement the system is short.

Zero Delay: Client360 Cloud ERP is a stable and tested solution. The solution is setup and made ready in the quickest possible time. As it is fully tested no debugging or fault testing run is required hence there is no delay in implementation.

Zero Frustration:  Client360 Cloud ERP provides you the ultimate in smooth implementation. A major component such as hardware, software, implementation, testing etc are handled by a team of highly skilled personnel. This leaves no scope for error or delay leading to complete satisfaction and zero frustration. 

Many companies run Client360 to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your business bigger, better and more efficient.