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Billing Module

The Billing Module helps you bill your products and business either as credit invoice or cash bill. It will record the sales transaction with details of all items billed and also keep track of the payments with respect to each invoice raised partywise. It will collect payments and show deliveries too. 
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Bill all your products & services promptly and efficiently.

A comprehensive billing system which will help you Invoice and Collect you receivables on time. Everytime.

Client360 billing Module

The star module in our Accounting system is the Billing Module. It provides an interface to effect billing, collection and payments efficiently. The Billing Module is designed to provide complete information on all aspects of the Billing cycle. It lets you provide itemised billing with all details shown in easily readable formats. Apart from this it also shows you all the payments made related to that particular bill in one place. It also incorporates a built-in payment module which helps you record all payments in an orderly manner.

billing info at your finger tips:

Client360 Cloud ERP Billing Module can be used to generate credit or cash bills. The bill summary interface provides you all the information regarding the bills generated in an easily readable format. It details the Customer and Company name, the Salesman responsible for billing, the Sales Team resposible, the due payment date for bill collection, the Agent Code if any, the sources document such as Sales Order etc from which the bill originated, and the commercial details such as Total and Balance due. You could take a PDF report or export the same as excel data for further processing and statistical analysis. 

Invoicing Made Easy:

Invoice your customer with ease using the Client360 Cloud ERP Billing Module. All details of the Invoice can be recorded neatly and correctly using our intelligent billing system. It will auto populate all the relevant customer contact details once the customer to be billed is selected. It will also pick up the relevant GST details and populate the relevant column. It will also automatically calculate tax, packing charges, discounts and sub totals. All items billed will be shown in an itemised manner with all the details listed in a row across. 

collect payments efficiently:

You need just a few clicks to make payment collections. With Client360 Cloud ERP built-in payment collection routine you can collect your bill payments with ease. Any kind of payment be it cash or cheque can easily be collected and recorde against each individual bill. The routine not only collects payments but also updates the overdue amount against each bill and customer instantly. This gives you a good control over your cash flow and receivable status on an ongoing basis

gather additional billing info:

Apart from the usual bill information our Billing modules also gives you some additional and vital information about each individual bill. It tells you which Sales Team and Sales person effected this sale. Plus details about the relevant journal entry, due date, tax info and the accounting period. In case you maintain third party Sales Agents it also tell you which agent is connected to this sales bill. Apart from this it also traces the bill back to its source document such as the relevant Sales Order.

monitor corresponding journal entries:

Using our Billing Module you can trace all the relevant accounting entries connected to each individual bills. It records all the Debit and Credit entries duly and deligently in an auto mode. This way the accounting entries are balanced automatically and relevant journals and account books are updated automatically. It gives you the date, amount and account ledger to which each entry is posted giving you ease and control over your accounting procedures. 

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