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Fleet Management Module

This Fleet Management module tracks and manages your entire fleet operation. It takes care of your vehicle details, kilometer travelled, fuel consumed and records all maintenace done to each vehicle individually. Plus it tracks and records all details of the Drivers. 
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Client360 fleet management Module

Fleet management module will help your stock distribution activity immensely. It will maintain your vehicle details, driver details, kilometer readings, fuel usage and maintenance history. Everything you want to know about vehicles will be at your finger tips. 

5 Great Built-in Features

Designed with you in mind


Every detail about your individual vehicle at one place neatly organised for your monitoring and scrutiny. 

track your vehicle running history

Know how much your vehicle has run, when and what is the kilometer count individually. 

Manage vehicle maintenance:

Vehicle maintenance history at a glance. Each vehicle maintenance history is maintained neatly with all details mentioned for your information. 

track fuel consumptions:

Understand your fuel consumption vehiclewise and prevent excess fuel usage at any given time.

track & Manage drivers:

Track your drivers and have their information handy all the time for your reference.

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