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Basic Modules For Basic Task.

Client360 Cloud ERP consist of individual modules targeted at specific purpose all rolled into one cohesive unit. The specific functionality of the software is stored as modules. A module is a functional folder with a pre-defined functionality containing code and data. Some modules include Sales Management, Book Keeping, Inventory and Human Resource Management. For a listed of all available module please browse this page. 

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Client360 Built-in Basic Modules.

Modules to cover every aspect of your business. Total coverage. Total efficiency.

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A full 360 degree view of your business. On demand 

Manage and monitor your Sales, Purchase, Accounts, Inventory, Productions, Service, Support and Man-power.


Sales & Marketing Module


Business Promotion & Mass Mailing Module.


Customer Support & Helpdesk Module


Financial Accounting & Budgeting Module


Purchase & Inventory Module


Stocking & Warehousing Module


Production Planning & Manufacturing Module

Human Resources

Personnel Management & Recruitment Module


Mail & Messaging Module


Website Module

Add-Ons for specific usage.

Client360 tailor-made add-ons for special use.

Point of Sale

Point-of-Sale Management Module


School & College Management Module

Church Mass

Mass & Church Management Module

Client360 Modules Features

Great features @ Great Price

... More Features

More features @ Less Price

Tightly Integrated

Modules are independently and interdependently integrated.

Easily Upgradable.

Add, upgrade or modify any modules.

Versatile Operation

Modulewise operation and functionality. 

Great Functionality

All areas of your business operation comprehensively covered.

Easily Configurable

Each functionality easily configurable to suit your needs. 

Analytical Reporting

Analytical reporting at its best with lots of flexibility.