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The all-in-one total business solution.

Client360 Cloud ERP is a total business solution catering to SME and MSME segments. It provides you an IT Platform that you can leverage to conduct your business from anywhere and anytime including your office and home. It helps you manage your sales, billing, accounts, warehouse, human resource and inventory, all seamlessly using one single interface.  
Take control. Get Client360 Cloud ERP. and manage your business effciently.
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Monitor and manage every aspect of your business from the comfort of your living room.

Change the way you conduct your business ! Become Efficient. Save Money. Save Time. 
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What can Client360 Cloud ERP do for you ?

Client360 Cloud ERP is a complete business solution. It can do almost everything what your business demands or needs. It is a single solution which incorporates many other solutions in itself. You can decide to use it the way you want. Find below all what Client360 Cloud ERP can do for you. 

Is it a CRM package? YES.  Client360 Cloud ERP is best suited for your Customer Relation Management workload. It helps you follow up on all your marketing leads, send quotation, conduct mass mailing and manage all promotional activity. 

Is it an Accounting software? YES.  Client360 Cloud ERP has a Financial & Accounting module which handles all your sales and purchase transactions along with your expenses tracking. It also follows up on all your receivables and payables and prints your statutory reports.

Is it an ERP package? Yes. Client360 Cloud ERP is a true ERP solutions and encompasses all aspects of your business be it production, warehousing, procurement or shop floor maintenance. All your core business operations are efficiently handled including human resource.

Is it an Asset Management tool?  YES. Client360 Cloud ERP has a built-in state-of-the-art feature rich asset management module which takes care of all your valuable business assets with ease. It even links your assets to maintenance routines to keep you well informed about the status of your factory assets and production line equipments.

Is it an Human Resource Development utility?  YES. Client360 Cloud ERP has provision to manage all aspects of your staffing including recruitment, leave management, payroll, internal appraisal and promotionAll your HR needs are adequately met by Client360 Cloud ERP giving you total control on your in-house and contract workforce.

Is it a Messaging tool?    YES.   Client360 Cloud ERP comes built-in with a sophisticated  messaging tool  which handles all your email correspondence with ease. It also incorporates  chat solutions  which helps you stay connected to all your colleagues and customer inside and outside your organisation.
Can I use it as a Knowledge repository? YES.  Client360 Cloud ERP can store all your company knowledgebase such as policy guide, equipment manuals, procedure checklist and various other documents using a modern folder based Document Management System. Thus archiving all your knowledge material for easy retrieval and instant use.


Does it include a Website? YES.  Client360 Cloud ERP incorporates a state-of-the-art responsive website module. This helps you put up a modern integrated website promoting your company and your business as a front end for public to see and view.

Use it the way you want: Client360 Cloud ERP is a total solution. Use it the way you want. Use it as an online store or business promotion tool, as a product showcase gallery , as a client communication and helpdesk tool , as an ERP or Accounting solution or just use it to promote and run your business online.  You can start with a basic business promotion website and    CRM . And graduate later to a full fledge Cloud ERP which includes a full-fledged ERP and Warehousing system. It provides you the ultimate in flexibility. 

Investing in cloud is the future. Buy Client360 Cloud ERP.

Buy today and become more efficient in all your business operations.