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your very own private cloud server.

With Client360 Cloud ERP you can get your very own private cloud server. Now opt for a turnkey solution for peace of mind. Everything in a single package bringing you efficiency, transparency, and focus in your ERP implementation, all at a reasonable additional charge. Subscribe to Client360 Cloud ERP and enjoy a superior level of support. 
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Monitor and manage every aspect of your business from the comfort of your living room.

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Client360 Cloud ERP private cloud servers. 

Client360 Cloud ERP uses cutting edge technology to host its Cloud ERP so that you can experience trouble free uninterrupted service. All  Client360 Cloud ERP Enterprise plan server are deployed on dedicated cloud servers. 

The Enterprise Plan Includes: 

  • Provisioning of cloud-based dedicated private server per domain.
  • Server charges / Bandwidth charges / Storage Device charges.
  • License for use of State-of-the-Art Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Automated Snapshot Backup facility for regular backups.
  • User charges for Login facility and providing secure portal access.
  • Inclusion of all modules listed in Client360 Specific Plan Bundle.
  • Includes User Maintenance Charges for a block of registered users.
  • Initial Online training of 4 weeks for all registered users.
  • On-going Level1, Level2, Level3 Support for Implementation.
  • Support Level Details: Level1 – Online Help Portal. Level2 – Online Virtual Meeting Handholding Sessions. Level3 – Guidance & Advice by Experienced Technical Consultant. 
  • 30 days active customer support via telephone / email / skype / zoom / issue based ticketing.
  • Fixed Annual Period passive customer support via issue-based ticketing system. 
  • Regular daily/weekly/monthly snapshot backups of software and database.
  • Includes Custom reports as per customer specification.

Enterprise Plan Advantage


You are not sharing the system resources such as processor power, memory and disk space with any other sites or customer on the same server.

Greater Reliability
You do not run the risk of the server being slowed down, swamped with traffic, or crashed by another site or customer on a shared server.

As nobody else except authorized customers has an access to the server you can be sure of having a much greater degree of security.


Custom Configuration

If you need to install special software or configure the server to your own particular needs then often a dedicated server is the best solution.

Custom Firewall
Run your own custom firewall to enforce your own access control policy and ensure full compliances with statutory regulations.

Single use scenario brings in speed and efficiency at all levels and ensure compliance with company rules and policies. 

Many companies run Client360 to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your business bigger, better and more efficient.