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Maintenance Module

Client360 Cloud ERP Maintenance module allow you to conduct repair and maintenance of all your machines and assets in an orderly and efficient manner. 
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Conduct Preventive & Corrective Repairs with Client360 Maintenance Module.

Create Maintenance Request & Work Orders and Plan Maintenance Schedule. All from within the system.

Client360  CMS - a big picture

Client360 Maintenance Module

The Maintenance Module allows you to manage preventive and corrective maintenance with no limit. It is a unit of technical and economic information management of maintenance done. The machine is the principal element in the Maintenance Module and could be an asset or attached to a production line. All the machines are listed in a tree structure.

Corrective maintenance: Corrective maintenance is a type of service that allows technicians to repair a failure or malfunction in a machine. In the corrective maintenance we can create a new menu corrective maintenance and also see all the list of previous corrective maintenance done to the particular machine

Preventive maintenance: Preventive maintenance is a type of scheduled service that allows technicians to check any malfunction in a machine or regular basis without any fault being reported. It is a pro-active measure. In the preventive maintenance we can create a new menu preventive maintenance and also see all the list of previous preventive maintenance done to the particular machine

The work cycle: Receiving a maintenance request the system creates the required request and the technician then checks the availability and create a work order. The latter request the necessary information (material code, material designation, nature of work, intervention section, work order number, ...) . When entering information, the system will perform check on the entries it takes (the work order number (DT), the work of the order number (OT), equipment code, date OT), and after the confirmation of these information, the system records the order of work, and finally the order of work will be printed.

The following task can be done using the Maintenance Module.

  • Asset Maintenance, Repair and Operation.
  • Manage Maintenance process.
  • Support Breakdown Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance.
  • Request Service/Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Work Orders Management
  • Parts Management
  • Tasks Management.
  • Convert Maintenance Order to Task
  • Print Maintenance Order
  • Print Maintenance Request

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